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Abortion and Ron Paul

Why do people care about abortion like really do you care if someone chooses to not bring another life into this world? If you do then you should take care of it because guess what if they have the option to stop the process before it actually becomes more than a few cells then they should be able to do it. Just because you may believe it is wrong and that you would not do the same does not mean everyone else does. That’s why it should be legal it’s simple as that. If you care about life so much then you should make sure every child living in poverty right now in the world is taken care of as well.

I see a lot of people on here argue for Ron Paul and say he is against infringing on our rights, but by going back to how the constitution used to be when it was founded of course is going to infringe on our rights. Ron Paul can claim that he didn’t sign a civil rights bill because of the property rights issue, but guess what he is a politician and let’s just say their track record of telling the truth isn’t too good. These same people who love Ron Paul hate Obama for his false promises and how people made Obama out to be God, but are doing the same for Ron Paul. Sure Ron Paul is consistent on many issues, but does that mean he is right on them? No. We cannot strip away all regulations and laws that have been made since 1776 because there was a reason they were made. They weren’t made to infringe on rights, but to give more rights to citizens.

*Side note if people think welfare is running up the budget then you are an idiot because our defense spending is what is doing that. Also, add in medicare and social security which has been used as a means of living and not as a crutch. The answer is not to take those things away (social security and medicare), but teach financial literacy and knowledge so people can turn those programs from a sole means of support to a crutch financially.

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